Friday, 19 April 2013

Physiological Testing

Part of my role as the Senior Intern with the South East Regional Academy of Sport is to oversee the Physiological Testing of all athletes on Scholarship. Yesterday myself and three of the other interns travelled to Bermagui to test all the athletes that live on the South Coast. Majority of the athletes were from the netball program with a couple of golfers and a lawn bowler also included in the testing. For most of these athletes it was their second round of testing for the year, the aim of this testing was to determine any improvements from the start of the year and after an 8 week strength and conditioning program.

I am pleased to report the day ran very smoothly, majority of athletes put in an outstanding effort and really push themselves especially in the endurance tests. The athletes showed great interest in the tests, regularly asking questions about how they can improve their performance in certain tests. They are also very good at pushing each other along especially in the Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Test. It was very pleasing to note how determined several of the girls were to push themselves harder then they thought they could. It is great to see majority of the athletes making the most of the opportunity SERAS is offering them. I would also like to thank the other interns for conducting the testing in a professional manner and to all the parents who drove the athletes to Bermagui as everyone knows junior athletes cannot succeed without the dedication and support of their families.

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